A new place listed on Scootsy that specialised in Egg dishes means it has to be tried out.

A bit of rains and it was more relevant. So we ordered a portion of boiled eggs, Omlette and Street style Bhurji.

Before you ask, I am a sucker for basics. If you can’t get that right then there’s little hope for you.

Boiled Eggs: Perfectly done, with some Masala and onions. And they were quite warm which said that due care was being taken.

Omelette: Quite large and thick but unfortunately not soft and fluffy. On the contrary quite hard. Not ordering again.

Street style Bhurji: Perfectly made, brown, Masala and spicy as instructed. Went very well with the Pav. Definitely ordering again.

The packing was very good and food delivered on time by Scootsy ensured it was pretty hot and went well with the drinks during monsoons.

The other dishes shall be slowly experimented with, but would have liked to see them with a descriptor and photo to understand if we are talking the same dish or not.

Snacks. Food: 4/5  Damages: Approx 500/- for 3 People. 

Written by AD
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