A while back I had written about Socks and Ties . Now having given up the corporate suited look, socks were what kept me engrossed. One fine day I read a small write up about The Moja Club couple of months ago, tweeted, tagged those who were similarly inclined and promptly forgot about them.

In May I saw a reminder to myself and found that I had not subscribed. Did so without further delay in the first week of June and expected the first delivery immediately. Nothing for 20-25 days till I finally wrote and subsequently tweeted out to them. This is where the fun begins.

They replied to me on DM (yep, I’ve kept it open for all ) and called. They apparently claimed to have called earlier because courier could not find my address (sounds familiar doesn’t it?). A couple of days of back and forth with me explaining the logic of why the courier did not call etc.

The lady called to confirm if somebody would be at home and they would make up for the miscommunication. I forgot about it, till I reached home in the evening.

Boom: The packet had been delivered with another free pair because “It was out mistake”. That is it. I am won over with their customer service recovery. As others know that trying to bribe me is like committing suicide for brands 🙂 however, service recovery that puts a smile on your face is what I’m a sucker for.

They followed this up with a perfect July delivery also. They have got me hooked completely.

The packing is superb, the quality outstanding and No I shall not miss my trips for socks now 🙂

Try them out. Get a pair today.

Written by AD
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