Yesterday Gaurav Sabnis tweeted “Of all the entitled elitist whines I’ve heard from Indians, “Driver/delivery guy can’t find my house, calls for directions” are the worst.

 This led to a plethora of tweets from every one, including me about this, with some relevant, some not so much – like how can you sit in USA and make a comment like this.

 Whilst I RT and then engaged, lost interest for a while, whilst watching Sultan and suddenly today saw it floating on my TL everywhere.

 If you are talking elitist then those were probably our grand parents who would have servants, drivers at their beck and call 24/7.

 If you are talking elitist then those were are parents who would/have us at their beck and call 24/7

 If you are talking us – children, servants, drivers, handymen et all – are the elite, we are completely dependent on their whims and fancies – some good, some bad but they lay the rules and we follow or attempt to.

 In this scenario lets take the Uber, Ola Drivers or Grofers, Zomato, Swiggy, Scootsy delivery boys.

 Expectations from them:

Technology platform to avoid instructions

Use of maps, phone to ensure reach

Knowledge of roads or area

Reasonably trained work force

Clean AC cabs

Online payment to avoid fights

And yes discounts are a bonus.

 They agree to this with loopholes in their Terms and Conditions agreement which nobody has read.

 The funding that is received with caveat that they have to ramp up business – 100 cities in 15 months etc etc. rears its ugly head.

 In the initial round, you have good taxi drivers who are looking to make some better money, turn entrepreneurs and maybe work for the betterment of the society or whatever.

 Looking at the supposed riches every driver wants to be an entrepreneur, books a car (supported by Ola and Uber) never mind if there is a wait list for the cars, sign on and are on the road.

 There is a training of an hour or so, device is given and he is sent out to search for preys.

 Most of them have no geographical clue of most metros and have been used to driving like Schumacher on steroids with the passenger guiding them. The party calls, there is always the debate and the eagerness to earn more gets them to lie about locations, blame google, so on and forth. Also in their eagerness they will accept rides that will take 20 min to reach so the excuses begin.

 From the party’s side the expectation is Mistakes can’t be every time. The platform has enough money to overcome these petty issues – Training, consistent QC, blacklist passenger or driver. But that would affect their GMV or whatever it is called these days.

 Given that there are plenty of suckers out there who claim ‘I use Uber only’ even if I will keep cribbing about the service. “Uber today has claimed that it is on mutual terms that the partner and a rider can come to if there are such issues, but feedback will be passed on” which basically tells you to bugger off.

 In the on demand delivery business, you charge for everything including packing, delivery and then blame the restaurant or train the delivery boys to ask the address multiple times to show that you’re trying your best. And yes this happens regularly.

In the so called first world countries, there is customer redressal, in India twitter has taken over that – unless a brand is called out on Twitter or FB, it probably doesn’t even bother or just gives you a ₨ 100-250 credit and shuts you up.

So elitist? Not so much, basics are a given everywhere is sorely lacking. And for the brands, if you can’t stand the fire don’t play with it.



Written by AD
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