With mom’s favourite pizza places shutting down, it was time to try out two new places.

We tried out Eva’s Pizza from Malad and Pizza Caprina.

Eva’s Pizza 

A chance order via one of the apps.

A lady called back in 5 min and confirmed the address as well as location and route.
The order of veggie pizza thin crust and garlic bread arrived promptly within 35-40 min from Malad to Lokhandwala piping hot.
Called her to thank and she said sir, next order you get 15% off. Do try us again. Upon further questioning she shared that they had taken the franchise and Eva’s office was in Andheri East.
A must try and soon to be repeated.
Pizza Caprina:

Ordered thrice in a spate of 15 days and mixed experience every time.

First was crisp and thin veg pizza and garlic bread. Came on time, was perfect. The base was crispy, the sauce a different piquant taste. For a change the veggies were quite thinly cut and evenly spread. The cheese was just right. And it all came in 30-40 min piping hot.
Second time was Margherita thin and crisp. Taste was ok. Base was not crispy, was delayed by 90 minutes because acc to Zomato the restaurant had forgotten whilst the restaurant claimed zomato did not pick up. Delivered luke warm.
Third time was veggie on thin and crisp base. Delayed by 45 minutes, delivered on regular crust with no knowledge. Fortunately hot.
We had opted for the zomato+Pepsi combo offer which is branded but were surprised to see thumsup being sent.
Seriously don’t know if it is worth another order.

Eva’s Pizza: Food 3.5/5 Service 4/5 Damages ₹400

Pizza Caprina: Food 3/5 Service 2/5 Damages ₹500

Written by AD
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