Uber the global Taxi disruption company which has tasted success and has been in many a fight operates in India with mostly the same model it adopts globally.

Whilst there are the usual service, attitude issues which currently is not relevant to this post; the biggest point of discussion has been the Surge factor – where depending on the need of vehicles the price was increased presumably to entice drivers to rush to that location etc. So it went from x 1 to x 4 times depending on location, time..

Then one fine day this was discontinued and a flat amount was introduced. This had a small T&C attached and if one was good at math could derive the base amount and how much extra would one be paying.

As with many things, Twitterati started ranting about how unjust it was with many a variation, forcing me do a quick Poll, the result of which:

4608 people saw the Tweet; 211 voted – Hate it 51% Like it 20% Doesn’t matter 29%

Given other factors of complaint, this may be a long term effect? Possibly given such a high margin of Nay sayers. But more likely people will get used to it and quietly keep using it.

However, transperancey and need to cicumvent regulations or morality may be the reason for Uber taking this approach. Because it still uses the Surge in other countries.But, disruption, transperancy, etc the buzzwords seem to have vanished.

Does it personally matter to me? Not really, because I am not the TG which will look at Uber Pool, amount. To me the biggest advantage is convenience, payment without having cash in the pocket. Most of my travel is planned and hence surge is rare. In emergency I give a damn.


Written by AD
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