Once the flagship of all things Chinese for the masses, it has slowly been losing ground to the newer entrants and ‘Asian’ fusion or whatever it is called these days.

However, a friend down from the middle East was keen on a visit so landed up for their buffet one afternoon.

AND it was practically a full house – Kitty parties, Team lunches with the odd romance going on.

Seated quickly, opted for the buffet – which is a combination of table service and buffet.

A wide range of food with the servers gently asking you to try out everything and willing to make changes or help out get something else also.

This service aspect is something that has been something they have been consistent across locations and brands.

A value for money kind of experience with the perfect blend and taste of ‘Indo Chinese’ at its best.

But don’t go expecting Lings or no Aji no Moto and all those new fangled healthy stuff.

Food 3.5/5

Service 4.5/5

Ambiance 3/5

Over all: 3.5/5

Damages: ₹2000+ for a buffet with one beer each.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends