We have accepted Spam as a part and parcel of our lives today. Because the days of giving a landline number and perfect address are over.

The first thing asked when you order something, is your mobile number. In fact so much so that many websites do not accept land line numbers. Once entered, you are by default amongst the many list of spammers. However, that is not the intent of this post.

Episode 1 I had met somebody – senior person – during a panel discussion who insisted on a card, and I finally gave my number. I was reluctant for a couple of reasons – His business was not relevant to me; did not want to appear on his Happy New Year wishes and am at an age where, I want to and can choose with whom to network. His daily, weekly spam innudated my mail box and phone, till I called him curtly and asked him to stop.

Episode 2 A business pitch to well know Dr. Batra’s team. Did not fructify into business, however the spam began within 4 hours and continues.

Episode 3 Met, did work with Mahindra group. Suddenly after a year Spam began, offering me a london trip or MacAir if I became a member of Club Mahindra. And it continues.

Having been on the other side, and with a bit of soft questioning, arrived at the process and reasoning.

Prospect Database: Every organisation talks, wants Database – forget for whom/where it would be used. And of course their CXOs meeting somebody means the data is gold.

Big Data: Whatever that means, to the marketing person, it means valuable contacts to spam

Funnel Theory: Keep pushing contacts into the funnel, with no option to leaveor opt out, because they can only rant and who knows, maybe they may get tired and purchase something.

Now all this is fine, where your data collation is via generic or sales channel. But a CXO level of person allowing his contacts to be spammed is bad ettiquette AND continue doing so even after called out is even worse.

I have always been extremely particular about such things; one can always ask Jessie Paul about one such episode in the years before I knew her 😉

As a CXO one is responsible and accountable for something going from his/her email id or name; but I am guessing many have not received the memo.

What is your take on this?


Written by AD
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