Update: 8th October 2016

My tweet had a response from Albinder and it is in our timelines for every one to read. He also ensured that the Social Media called up and explained again. But for the moment I was quite pissed, however the tone and request that person made brought a smile ‘Sir, If you do not object may we send you a small gift to you. Please Please do not consider this as anything but just a token. And whilst we wish to be given another chance, the gift is not for that’ I asked him to send it to my mother/wife. 

I received a couple of texts about some Viviana mall and order and delivery, but was too tired to even bother. 

Afternoon of 7th a call from Vaibhav who said he was the Manager and started his spiel about Grofers and how he called to sort it out. When I asked him if he knew Albinder ‘s response and the social media team, and if he had nothing to add let’s not waste each other’s time. 

When I came home, Mom’s question was “Why did I order chocolates worth xyz when the ones from our recent vacation were lying untouched.” Checked it and found it was Grofers who had it delivered with a card and invoice from Hypercity which showed the texts that I had been receiving. 

Full confusion and I could see a serious coordination/operational breakdown at Grofers. 

To end it, mom and wife had some Puja requirements that were ordered since Mom said “Tera woh Grofers se manga le” and it was delivered as promised before 10 pm. 

I had tried out Grofers 18 months ago, read about it here.

I had quite liked it in spite of some service issues, but felt it had quite a potential. In fact used it in Ahmedabad too and kept recommending it to everyone.

One fine day, it looked as if the services collapsed. The ‘On Demand’ became 6-9 hours later; or the next or third day deliveries.

Tweeted about it and their CEO Albinder responded with details of operational issues that were being resolved and they would keep me informed.

Fair enough.

No information for a couple of months, till Ansoo Gupta asked about Grofers, and I casually responded – ‘Don’t know if they are still around’. A couple of responses and Albinder asked me not to spread rumours; to which my answer was – Did you inform me as you were supposed to?

DownLoaded the App again. Not much difference, it had turned into a 6-9 hour or next day delivery with maybe one odd delivery in 3 hours.

Anyway, my relevance was convenience for my mother and payment so ordered twice. Reasonable service, nothing extraordinary that would have it top of mind.

Ordered today, confirmed delivery from listed store between 10-12 in the morning. 11.45 am receive a text that Delivery is delayed. Fair enough.

Mother called up in Panic around 4.30 pm saying Guests have arrived and the cold drinks have not. So organised via my trusty Kirana!

And tweeted. Prompt answer about we will get back. No answer for an hour. A reminder and they answer, we will update.

Whilst I am typing, I receive a call from 9004110072 claiming to be talking on behalf of Grofers and that 3 items are not available. But the quantity of those 3 items are 70% of the order. No answer except, store did not work, new store Ratna etc etc.

I asked him to cancel and was told, but why can’t the rest deliver. And again no answer to why would it take fricking 9 hours to locate Limca and Coke.

So, Grofers you have the following problems:

1. Operationally you are up the creek.

2. Kirana stores have stopped trusting you and no longer treat you as a priority.

3. The focus is on driving new customers, who don’t remember your starting as “On Demand business”

4. Your funds are forcing you to Pivot but nobody know where.

Against this you have

1. ZopNow and Big Basket who are offering identical services and are better equipped.

2. The next door kirana has started accepting Payment via Wallets and is faster, nimbler, knows me, my family without having tech, data analytics or funding.

Disclaimer This is my personal experience in Bombay and it may be better or different elsewhere but if you’ve lost Bombay….

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends