Navratri or Navratra as we refer has been a long standing tradition for us.

I think I was 16-17 when I decided to fast for a specific reason. The next 10-12 years were spent in Nakorda (without food, just juice, tea and water).

With Travel, work intruding some days one started imbibing fruits or cold coffee with ice cream. And then eating faral on alternate days settled things. My favourite was batata vada with one off trial of something else. Because I didn’t /don’t like Sabudana Khichdi. Whilst travelling one survived on a small chocolate or pack of chips.

I still remember my days in Calcutta where one could watch, smell but not eat the Pujo food.

Shifting to Bombay and travelling during Navratri to Calcutta, Shirin Batliwala the then GM of Taj Bengal getting a special meal made.

Most friends and colleagues always remembering the days of abstinence for me.

Soon the 40s hit and BP tablet became a companion and started feeling the need for a bit of Salt which led to eating everyday during the days.

But boredom was a constant companion and soon the feeling of need to be home during these days began.

The last couple of years – No travel at all – has brought about a feeling of experimentation and N has taken it upon her to ensure not a single day of repeat though some days she does give in πŸ™‚

This is quite surprising, given the fact that she used to be free earlier and now she works whilst I am relatively free but here goes the options

The Calcutta Puja is something I will never be able to partake. And as one grows older, spiritualism seems to take over religion at least in my case.

Jai Ambe!

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends