An invite, some back and forth had me convincing friends to try it out, post our meeting. It replaced Oriental spice or something. Reached and walked in; it is down in the basement, decent wall touched table layout, some may prefer the term cozy. Apparently a Travel theme which looked nice, but given the space, seemed a little overbearing to me. Introduced ourselves, asked for the owner and selected a table, but had to move because additional chair could not be put there.

Large menu done up in the Travel theme were given out, and we decided to try the chef’s recommendations for cocktails – most of them not available due to Kalhua out of stock, so ordered a frozen Margarita – couldn’t be made because no special ice.

It was then we noticed that there was nothing like a Bar, more like a closet or shelves, and the captain doubled up as bar tender, server, everything, whilst a couple of guys in ties faffed around.

Ordered plain whiskey and rum, which we were informed that would be charged because that is not a part of the review.

Met Mr. Shetty who runs a couple of hotels and restaurants, who shared the vision of Travel theme – which was nice, but was unable to help about the cocktails or why the theme was not taken right down to the uniform, glasses, coasters. Apparently the designer may have missed out.

Hunger struck so asked for recommendations:

Kane Rava Fry – Okay. Nothing that would work for me again.

Far Eastern Bhel Puri Veg – A ‘Fusion’ of noodles and sev and mixes. Barely passable, because neither was it a bhel nor was it a chinese bhel. Looked like the chef or masalchi mixed whatever and served.

Safety prevailed so ordered Nachos and Fries – Both respectable but nothing unique about it, ready made out of the box, plated and served.

Looking at our grumpy faces, the captain came up and tried to engage us about food – upon his recommendations:

 Thepla Taquiitos – as a self respecting, card carrying gujarati, this was beyond disaster, the theplas were horrible and the stuffing less said the better. It became a game of try it, try it between us.

And then Brun Kheema – where the kheema was passable, but there was no brun but just round bun and yes the Captain debated with us that this was brun.

During this time the music had turned loud and some office romance couples had slunk it. So, gave everything else a miss, paid up and left.  It can be classified as disaster.

Disclaimer: Was there by a PR invite; but paid for the drinks, since I was informed that it was not included.

Food: 2/5


Ambiance 3/5

Overall Experience 2.5/5

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends