Google Who doesn’t know right? Just like everyone I had read about the good and bad things about it.

Google in the past has had people for their earlier launch/convention/seminar etc and I have never been invited or attended. I don’t even know why and neither do I care. 

Yes, I use Google apps for my daily personal and professional life – unpaid and paid.

Yes, I am wary of privacy in some ways but am not too concerned about ‘intrusion of privacy’ from Google, given that

  1. It is AI
  2. You have an option of never using
  3. When you opt for free you give away rights.

This time around, for some reason, Prashant along with Samit invited me – probably out of pity or need of head count; but since it involved a free trip to Delhi, I said yes quickly aligning a couple of meetings there – after all paid travel, stay, – who doesn’t like it.

A quick form filled in – superb idea – no force fit into a flight or vehicle or hotel – all individual – fantastic experience, no complaints.

AI Bom-Del, cab picked up, dropped at Hyatt Regency, smooth check in; pickup on schedule, reached the venue, was greeted and asked for name, entered the venue, was asked for the name again and Surprise – A google phone – Pixel XL was handed over.

Disclaimer: The week preceding to this, had so much work that had barely glanced, Android Boys talking about it, but had no clue. Not a super priority at that point in time.

And then saw everyone carrying the same bag, opened it and Boom felt the difference, with the first reaction being it’s an iPhone but lighter. Played around with it, set it up – less than a couple of minutes – took some photographs, met people for the first time, some after eons, had scotch, some finger food, spoke to some Google people, thanked them, Rithika and Jessica of CAB and came back to the hotel. Checked out next day and back to Bombay.

As most others said, Quite a cool experience, no pressure, take a phone, chat around and leave – actually a lot of people did just that. Very few people listened to Abhish or the band. But managed to meet some celebs, the google gang, so yes it was quite cool.

And Yes, to those who asked me, this does fall into the level of freebies (forget the phone) class that is something that works, and other brands, agencies can take a leaf out of this.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends