I had missed the opening and a couple of kind invites post that too. Just one quick visit before we went elsewhere was the extent.

Introducing their new menu, they invited me again and so visited last week.Reached early to check the Sunset which I remember from the Costa Coffee outlet (which Masala Bar replaced) days. Waiting for a friend to join, watching the candles being put out, was quite soothing. Probably the best time to spend ruminating over their cocktails before the crowd comes in.

We began with Sunset at Carter and Malabar point – both excellent cocktails, accompanied with some healthy 😉 salads – Figs & Honey + Duck & Orange where the latter was excellent.

Followed up with Tofu Paneer Khurchan – quite good for vegetarians (yes I am one too) and Lamb Barra Khurchan (Very good – I am a vegetarian who also eats non veg). Both these were on fresh and importantly crisp Khari biscuits which was quite a nice touch. Baked potatoes and Aam Kasundi followed thereafter – both pretty nice, but Kasundi needed some work, But then I am a bit of Kasundi snob at times, not as much as a bengali would be though.

Taking a breather, talking to the Chef, took his advice of trying a different cocktail, went with Filter Kafi Uski – Quite good, specially for the coffee lovers and The Great Hornby’s Cloud a whiskey based drink, which was very good, but the cinnamon was a tad overpowering for my taste.

This was accompanied by the Orient – Asparagus Avacado tempura and Prawn Tempura – quite nice to munch. Carbon Bhaji – a vegetarian’s delight which is essentially a black masala pav bhaji. Those who remember 90s Maruti Pav Bhaji (and yes he is still around and doing great business) will love it.

And then the Mains. We restricted it to just two – Lamb Goulash – excellent. Yellow Curry Risotto did not work at all for me, but then I am not a risotto lover.

We polished this off with Mango cardamon cheesecake, which was quite good but again over powered by cardamon, damn my nose 🙁

So a group of 4-5 should try the following:

Cocktails: Sunset at Carter, Malabar Point, Filter Kafi Uski
Appetizers: Duck & Orange, Paneer and Lamb Khurchan, Aam Kasundi, Carbon bhaji
Main: Lamb Goulash
Dessert: Mango cardamon cheesecake.

And Ask for Chef Russel Mendes, who will make special effort to help you out.

Disclaimer : This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. As usual my bias for good service will prevail 🙂 Please use your discretion. 

Written by AD
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