The Ardmore Legacy – A single malt introduced in India this year. I was amongst the lucky few to get a bottle as gift from Aneesh Bhasin of Hipcask. In fact, there were two bottles sent by different people; given that everyone knows how I love to try out new whiskeys but turned out to be a faux pas and I had to return one of them 😞

Since, I was leaving for a trip in a couple of days, was unable to get friends together so, decided to have a dram of it to remind me of what I could look forward once I came back.

As it the wont, took out my person malt glass and poured it; different colours given the ambient and white lights but seemed to be dark at first go.

A quick swirl, the first sip and a sip after – toffee & vanilla with a bit of cream – this along with the lightly peated and taste of honey.

More learned people have described this, so I will not go into more details.

Added three cubes of ice and 60ml of water, to go with a couple of unsalted cashews and it went down really easy.

Quitely recapped the bottle and decided to open it with friends sooner than later.

Written by AD
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