An email exchange and I received samples to try out. 

Idli batter and assorted parothas. The packaging looked quite spiffy with the bottom good to stand up. Decided to try it out over the weekend. 

First up was the idli batter – made a dozen odd idlis and a couple of dosas to try out. Idli were quite nice, but needed to be consumed hot. If left over had to be microwaved because otherwise turned a tad hard. The dosa turned up to be quite nice, with and without oil. The packet is just perfect for two people  (Now if only they could introduce sambhar and chutney).

The parothas were consumed with our next meal, and were really nice, but there is enough of this available as competition that are equal or better, and phulka or chapati works more for me. 

But for working bachelors/singles this is quite perfect and useful.

Disclaimer : The packets were sent to try it out. I have since bought idli batter a couple of times and found it good

Written by AD
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