Verbena – Brew Pub and Sky garden. Kamla Mills. The current address where everyone has, wants to open an outlet; but many do shut down quick also.

Verbena – A new entrant from the Smaash stable, and completely different, upmarket, catering to a different audience too. The first thing that one notices getting out of the direct lift is Space. Inside, Outside, Banquet everywhere.
Good comfortable seating outside, if you are not allergic to Hookah smoke, but then cooperative open air in Bombay, is a luxury and so out we sat.

A bit of discussion and we began the evening:

Smoked vanilla ice tea: they said as tea brewed with vanilla pods, smoked with cherry wood mixed with Gin and triple sec topped with crushed ice. I said “Very Nice” #MustTry
Wood chip smoked Hibiscus : they said Hibiscus nectar wth lime juice, candied ginger and bourbon with orange bitters. I said “Quite Good” and a nice option, but with tad more bourbon and less hibiscus. 😉
LIIT with all spice extra infused with Bacardi white Rum. Quite Ok, but to be honest, have had much better, 

Lamb Galouti : mouth melting Lucknowi speciality lamb kebab. “Loved it. Ordered another portion.” #MustHave
Bharwan Adraki paneer : stuffed cottage cheese, basil scented with fresh ginger. Quite good and worth a trial.
Charmoula spiced chicken tikka:  Charmoula marinated with yogurt, thyme & crushed black pepper. The taste was quite different and worked well with my Wood chip smoked Hibiscus.
Chiang Mai Prawns: fried Prawns sautéed with chervil, bell pepper’s in spicy red chilli flakes. Another Hit and #MustHave.
Baked soya cake: Nutty couscous , chive yogurt… Honestly did not try this beyond a spoonful but the vegetarians loved it.
We ended this with Green Tea Tiramisu which was surprisingly quite good.
Overall, definitely a place to take your better half or a date. Go early around 7.30 or so, order a cocktail and yes they do a good mocktail also. Linger over soft music and try out their hookah if so inclined and have the starters.
Definitely my kind of place.
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Written by AD
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