Stables which is quite popular in Dubai, finally opened a Bombay outpost recently.

They had kindly invited me to the opening, but knowing my abhorrance to a crowd and the aftermath, the young lady asked me to visit a couple of days later.

The following wednesday, gathering a couple of friends landed up to check Stables out. There was a vegetarian, two non vegetarians and moi who is a vegetarian who eats non veg.

A lovely chilly place, quite empty given the fact we were there at 7.40pm. It has some 100 covers and spread quite nice with a stage for live performances which they do thrice a week, unfortunately not the day we selected.

Speaking to the service, maitre or asst manager – since all were in black and white with black tie, asked him to recommend but both ended up floundering, so asked him to get the bar man or could we go up to the bar man and ask him.

So the bar man Tony came up and we had ourselves a chat – asked him to suggest some cocktails for three of us

Stables Gorg – Absoulutely divine, just the right amount of mix and a great beginning.

Wind Suck – Quite good, though lime, lemonade and cucumber mix did not really work for me.

Best Mate Passion – Quite good for Bourbon – made with Jim Beam – but the first one was a tad sweet which then was changed in the second one to give it a bite.

Smooth Mouth – That was again quite nice, but the milk addition did not work for me.

Disc: I stuck to Rum and Whiskey whilst the others tried Vodka and Whiskey based drinks.

The mocktails were there.

We ordered the loaded potato skins with BBQ chicken but it came with beans, however was quite nice.

Classic Nachos tasted like Nachos with all its accessories 🙂 Not the packet ones and some salsa drizzled. Polished off quite quickly.

In the meantime, the corporate chef and executive chef came up for a chat and I was keen to know how indianised the menu has been given what I have read, and they agreed it had been.

Whilst they said they would send some dishes (samplers I insisted in order to taste a large spread) but I was very keen to try the shepherd’s pie, which both confirmed was excellent.

We had a range of chicken wings with different sauces, which were ok, nothing much to write about. Just similar to pub food.

The barbeque sauce was quite overpowering but the other wings garlic sauce, honey soy was quite good.

The Insalata Caprese was a complete disaster, barely a forkful was tried, whereas the stables house salad was quite good and a must try.

The veg slider was quite good – crispy patty with soft bun, accompanied by fries and cucumber pickle both which were excellent.

Slow low Lamb Shank – was very good and worth the time it took. Soft, succulent and easily cut to pop it in the mouth.

I had just tried out all this, a bit of taste so to speak, because I was waiting for the Shepherd’s Pie.

It arrived with its own ceremony, and disaster, my face fell – It was in a plate, ok a curved one so to speak, the first cut and the mashed potatoes were not well done or crusty enough, the kheema – yep cannot call it anything else was barely warm.

To me Shepherd’s Pie is always in a container piping hot, with the top golden brown, which is easy to cut and the meat well made, some places have had a couple of potatoes also accompanied by a crusty loaf of bread. And this was a serious let down. Sent it back with regrets.

Being consoled by the others, ordered dessert.

Sticky coffee pudding – lovely and a definite order.

Toffee Brownie – very good and definitely order.

Traditional English Fruit custard – neither english nor custard, more like watery milk with some fruits.

It is a lovely place and much needed in the area, however given the prices, the service definitely needs to be pulled up, knowledge of product is like disaster. The food is Hit and Miss with more misses that day. Given that it is just 3-4 days old they have the time to quickly ramp up.

A good place to visit with business acquaintances for drinks and maybe just the basics – fries, nachos for the time being and gorge on the free popcorn.

Ambiance: 4/5 | Food: 2.5/5 | Drinks: 4/5 | Overall: 3.5/5

Disclaimer : This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. As usual my bias for good service will prevail 🙂  Please use your discretion.


Written by AD
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