I had written about my using Treebo Hotels here alongwith a promise to try it out again.

So a fresh visit and checking out locations, found one which was close to Leela & Diamond district where my evenings would be spent. Also it said Treebo Suites so was enticing.

There is no App, so booked via website, quite quick and functional. Communication worked, got a confirmation and all.

Reached Bangalore and Uber couldn’t find it even after the map, pin and Google. Finally found it by asking an Auto guy who explained, it is opposite ABC joint which is famous for breakfast.

Reached, checked in, multiple gents at the reception, each smiling whilst speaking or texting on their phones. One opened a large register for me to enter details. House Keeping asked, boy called and up we went.

Nice large (compared to previous) room with double bed, wardrobe, chair, arm chair and coffee table. Bathroom was clean and functional.

No sms like last time. ‘Hi Anaggh, for any suggestion or complaint. talk to us via FB. Start to chat with us on …… Please find tent card in your room with details’ I found this weird – If I have a problem in the room, why would I go to FB, wouldn’t/shouldn’t I pick up the phone to reception? So good, they seemed to have listened.

The first meeting was at 3 pm and it was just 10.30 am so read and power napped. A bit hungry at 1, asked them about the restaurant – there was none. But room service could be organised or they suggested I could go across and eat, since they would also be bringing from the same place.

Ordered an Ola and had a filter coffee and idli at the place opposite. Lovely and worth it. This sort of became my habit, the 4-5 days I was there.

Coming back in the night, I was asked about breakfast, which was complimentary. I said yes and went up.

The AC worked silently – new AC Saar. The bathroom was ok and showers, hot water worked. The toileteries were very nice. VLCC if I recollect.

Next morning there was a harsh door bell, once, twice before I realised what it was. Opened the door, a pre packed plate was thrust in my hand – breakfast saar.

Stumbled back in and thought HolaChef or Freshmenu had delivered.

Didn’t work for me so shared it with reception to avoid. Nope. Early morning, breakfast saar. Same repeat and told reception sternly that “I do not want breakfast. I know it is Free, but I just do not want”

The in room communication was sorely lacking in Brand approach and denoted a really bad salesman kind of hotel.

Checking out, the tablet was still not operational but was told invoice will be emailed and was, so all good.


  • The reception staff – quite lethargic, always 2-3 people around on their phones.
  • Location and convenience for the price
  • WiFi did work, erratically but definitely a hit.


  • Lack at pro active communication at the property
  • Use of new age tech at property
  • Maintenance SOP
  • Engaging the customer.
  • Brand behaviour consistency


New property hence, we will tell management etc are all nice; but doesn’t work at least for me.

Everything can be overlooked, forgiven if the service and communication is great. I understand that the work is already on, however the competition does not leave options.

Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Recommendation: 3.5/5 Given the basic value proposition; but then it will be easy to get commoditised. 

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends