Toast and Tonic – Manu Chandra’s love child, if I may say so, and the passion really comes thru.

Had been reading about it for long from friends, but previous Bangalore visits never included a weekend.

‘Let’s meet for a boozy afternoon’ was what Prem said and not wanting to take a risk at this well spoken about Manu Chandra’s fine dine eatery I made reservations in advance reached there.

Prem  was already there, and on his first Gin and Tonic, hailing me ‘You’re late’. Quickly ordered a Gin and Tonic. Asked Prem to order the food and ordered  the Gin and Tonic which they are famous for.

Began with The Herbalist – excellent, followed by Minlet and Gin-tleman’s tonic – again excellent. They don’t have ice cubes but just an ice cube which gives the aroma and taste as it melts, As I learnt they actually make their own tonic and the gin infused ice cube makes it powerful and potent, just like it should be. Smooth in the beginning and then hits you.

We were wondering what to order, waiting for another friend Sanjar when Manu walked in drinking coffee and sat to catch up for a bit. And it began.

For the food we tried Smoked cochin mackerel on Toast; 7 hour pork shoulder, Soft crab and two more dishes (Disc: I do not recall them because  1) the gin was buzzing 2) Manu had dropped by and ordered on our behalf ) Everything  is sourced locally or made in house.

We finished it off with a Kulfi ice cream sandwich that was outstanding. The service was constantly superb.

As Prem and Sanjar agreed – All the creations were fresh, a mix of world cuisine with local ingredients.

Glad that this was on my last day and managed to wipe out the bad memories of the other places.

And yes, it is casual not fine dine, also the veg spread is just as amazing. Go for a weekend lunch, eat, drink have siesta and Thank me later.

Ambiance: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️




Overall: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Damages: ₹8500 approx for drinks and food (Lunch) for 3 people



Written by AD
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