Glocal Junction – operating two locations, worli which is a bit far was visited and blogged about here. After the superb experience at Worli, decided to take advantage of the nearby location.

Visited Twice in a week with different sets of friends.
Saturday 13th May 2017 First visit.
Booked a table for 8 via DineOut which was confirmed for 7.45 pm. We wanted to soak in the experience, have a beer or two, taste the food and leave by 10 pm when the yuppies moved in and music got a bit loud.
Escorted in, dumped at a table on the right side, without listening and the lady+gentleman walked away. Seeing many tables empty with ‘Reserved’ sign tried to call them back, but they looked past; however one of the barman helped out.
Took our seat, and waited to be served – 10 minutes later managed to flag down a server, who said it was not his table but sent somebody else. Ordered a beer, 2 mocktails and told him that two more people were expected in 5 minutes and please come back. Ordered the niblets – all 5 of them at a steal ₹ 50/- each and waited. Finally the drinks came as did the rest of the party.  Went thru the instructions again, beer was delivered but no sign of one mocktail.
After two reminders, finally made an appearance – this was by now 8.30 pm. Asked the server to take the food order:
Coorg style dry chicken fry – Oversalted, and resembled some shady chicken color. Brought it to the server’s notice, who said he would inform the chef.
Vegetable Khao Suey – Quite nice, though the accompaniments were less; brought it to the server’s notice – no response; after settling the bill we were told, if you had informed we would have brought you more.
Wood fried Veg Pizza – Quite good and definitely worth a repeat.
It was 9.45 and the music was getting loud, so asked for the check – after the usual follow up finally presented, with no idea of the service failures.
Conclusion : 1. Saturday night 2. We are not the target audience 3. We were not drinking enough
Monday afternoon there was a call from agency asking about my experience, since we had booked a table. Upon my sharing details – Ok, sir we will take up with concerned department. And I also told her that friends have booked us again on 18th Thursday.
Saturday 18th May 2017 Second visit.
Booking for 4, and 2 of us walked in at 7.30 pm sharp, were asked to choose any table, did so and asked for the drinks menu. Given and sullenly walked away. Called him back and asked for ‘Happy hours’ Were informed that it is 7.40 pm and Happy Hours closes at 8 pm. Duh!
And in Non Happy hour something was not available so opted for vodka and rum. Were informed that 1+1 and you cannot order 2, but have to finish 1+1 and then order. Chalo Fair enough. Ordered some nibblets – informed that now the price is ₹ 95 each and they had only 3-4 of them. So got that. For the friend we wanted to order a drink – whisky but no go. Person has to be present on the table.
The other friend walked in at 8.05 so after the usual football fan type of hand waves, we were informed that no Happy Hour applicable and was walking off. I lost it, called him back and asked him if we looked like desperate alcoholics? or 16 yo besides the obvious fact that there was no menu except the regular which did not have happy hour pricing.
Got the drink, ordered a veg pizza after waving, asking for the server and finally delivery. No complaints about the food.
But the mood was lost and we left.
The earlier conclusions did not apply here.
Again a phone call, same spiel and nothing. An instagram post had them asking me for details so they could investigate.
They claim drinking age, however both times saw 35-40% people could have been carded. In fact a group from the same complex which we know is 16-18 year olds.
Given the number of outlets closeby and many of them good, better do not see a reason to return.

The pricing was quite friendly, but do not know after the price increase.

(⚡️ = is the rating out of 5 that I am currently playing with)

Ambiance: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️




Overall: ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Damages: ₹1000-1250 for drinks and snacks per person.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends