It has been a while since this service has been launched, and I have used it in Raipur finding it convenient and economical, mostly due to the transparent pricing.

A week of hectic unforeseen travel in Bombay, when Uncle Murphy struck by way of Driver suddenly on leave and me needing to travel much.

Day 1: I booked two vehicles – one regular as a drop, the other 8:80 kms for my mother to sort out her medical visits. The drop was the usual with some delays etc, whilst the #OlaRental was perfect. 3 stops at doctors and then being dropped at a relative. My 80 year old mother gave a perfect complement saying #OlaRental is good and not thieves like the others.

Day 2:

Meetings across town, a visitor from Ahmedabad so it was a booking for #OlaRental Prime. A bit of snooze, bit of watching the tablet for continuity, covered the places double quick. Getting late at Nariman point, extended the use. No problem sir, done. So no damn calling seth and all that but sorted.

Day 3:

A long trip to Vashi and then Nariman Point, so open App and #OlaRental. Off we went Vashi, Thane, Nariman Point and back home. Yep took 10 hours but the driver was happy, music was good, so did not feel tiresome.

So in three days, I managed to use #OlaRental for different things

1. Mother’s use for her medical and Social journey

2. Visitor travels with me part of the way

3. Fully used with meeting stops on the way.

A back of the envelope calculation with the previous Rent a car showed at least a benefit of 20-24%.

To sum up my experience now across 3 cities and multiple days.

• Cab of choice with super flexible hours packages

• Earlier a local or Savaari would be fixed hours and price which sometimes ended up being very expensive.

• The quality of cars were definitely better and if you need to finish 2-3 locations then this works out to be cheaper also.

• Destinations can be changed live thru the app, so you are sorted

• Most favorite is no fight about billing or anything.

And to my surprise, one of the vehicles was their CEO vehicle, which I was told is also used when he is not in town – which is quite good to know.

Written by AD
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