Navratri : Navratras : Pujo and possibly many other names with which people refer to these nine days.

It is a time of enjoyment, merriment, food, freedom and much more. In fact you see different colours for different days, some celebrating with Garba, or Ashtami or burning of Effigy.

There are many other factors which makes one cringe and angry that on one hand we worship the goddess and on other hand run down women. But then this is not about that.

Desai family has been a worshiper of Ambe ma. There are may instances where her wishes have been of immense help. True or not I see no reason to debate.

We as a family have been following the nine days of fasting since ever. The story is on my blog.

This is the first time in our lives we are celebrating it as the eldest. And realisation dawns that I am the eldest going forward. And much more is expected. A coincidence for my parents – Both were rigid about following the fast but their failing health did not allow them to do so. And upon doctors orders I had to threaten them, and it seemed they sought revenge on us. Both passed before Navratri and both wanted me to give it up also.

N and K handle everything now and this time they ensured the twice a day Aarti and nine different items on the menu for nine days, which end for us today.

K began with one day but now does all 9 days and some of the new trials were by her only.
It has been a while since Ambe Maa and I have had a positive chat. Hopefully this year it should be. Jai Ambe!

Written by AD
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