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About this Blog!

I write, review, rave, on a variety of  things. Call it Mindcasting. The written word has been my long time friend – jotting down thoughts based on what I read, heard, saw or recording my own experiences for later reference.

I have been fortunate to meet people who inspired me;  exchanged ideas and views that helped me learn, mature and grow both personally and as a professional. The blog is my way of passing that knowledge and continuing the tradition of sharing.

If you are here looking for ‘Gyan‘, this blog might disappoint you. This is a platform for me to share my experiences, my personal thoughts on a wide variety of subjects – some of which I have nurtured an interest in over decades and some that are transient.

What I hope you find in this space are thought starters and action drivers. I try to keep things simple. I talk about food, travel, people, brands, consumers. I hope you find something of interest here and that you would leave a comment on what interested you, and tell me more about your own experiences.



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Professional Background

‘Entrepreneur by Attitude, Employee by Choice’ is how Anaggh Desai, a business veteran with over 25 years of experience across industries, described himself.

He has been there, done that. Then been there several more times, because he keeps learning. 

A 30 plus year career spanning a broad spectrum of industries from Market Research, Hospitality, Mail Order, Logistics to Travel, Dotcom & finally Retail. With his acumen and sharp instincts he has been successful across industries and geographies. This includes the diverse projects he has undertaken after hanging up his corporate boots. 

In 2013, he co founded India’s first customer experience consulting 1+99 Experience consulting where he advised marquee clients like Mahindra, HUL, Govt of Chattisgarh among others. As a natural progression curation of CXI awards (India’s first Customer Experience Awards) is on the anvil.

In 2019 he launched The One hour Mentor – a freemium offering for Startups, Individuals, SMEs etc. After having met over 200 people and guided them successfully, it is now being expanded into an Organisation which will have names offering their knowledge, customized workshops, retreats on business and life relevant topics.

In 2020 he has cofounded The Beverages.Club that curates different communities around love and hunger for knowledge, sharing. This will be across 8-12 cities as a subscription model by end of the year.

He is a well regarded digital maverick who has spoken at various management panels, colleges and forums. He also consults and conducts strategy workshops for Brands, CXOs helping them navigate the digital maze, including creating brand identity, shaping brand behaviour and addressing crisis.

He has been featured in many publications on diverse subjects as parenting and women issues, recruitment, branding, digital. He has also written for DNA, SheThePeople, Sheroes, Business World, Business Today and The Marketing White Book.

He is a respected blogger, food, Lifestyle reviewer, loves discovering unique, nostalgic food, products and sharing.

He hopes to write a book on his failures and learnings. His “In conversation with The One Hour Mentor – Anaggh Desai” show and podcast on diverse topics has been launched in 2020. 

If you are someone with a bright spark of an idea but not yet in a position to engage him professionally, or a CEO, Professional, SME, Startup seeking some practical advise, check The One Hour Mentor freemium offering or follow him on Twitter.

When you meet him, you will get to see why Anaggh is not only an ‘Entrepreneur by Attitude, Employee by Choice’, but also a mentor by nature.