The One Hour Mentor


The Mentor would be involved in helping next generation mangers, founders, leaders hone their leadership skills, from a pragmatic, street level.


What is “The One Hour Mentor?”

The One Hour Mentor Programme is a specific agenda driven advisory firm that provides validation and proactive answers to questions that you haven’t even thought to ask yet.

The programme and mentor will help you spot business, talent, collaboration, approach from multiple perspectives that will help fulfill business saving or alternate needs.

The mentor will help you learn how to leverage and rightly use every resource available to you, which will not just help you perform better; it will build your confidence, help you priortise more efficiently and arrive at better decisions.

He is a ready source of honest, unbiased and non-judgmental advise.

What ‘The One Hour Mentor’ is NOT?

The programme is NOT therapy. He is not a Therapist, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader. He means strictly BUSINESS.

The programme is NOT a cohort or accelerator program to secure FUNDING.

The programme isn’t a means to correct old mistakes or recover old losses. The Mentor helps you better the future of your business/career, learning from the mistakes you’ve made. He will share, apply his experience, learning and anecdotes to help you think forward.

The mentor will NOT provide you open access to their network, regardless of its relevancy to your business/agenda.

Why should you seek help from ‘The One Hour Mentor’?

The Mentor is a ready source of honest and practical advice giver to change, further your profession, business.

He is a third-party expert who will detangle your thoughts and help steer you towards making the RIGHT decisions for betterment.

He is someone who you can trust. A hard core professional whose only agenda will be to put an end to your struggles, and for your profession, career, business to flourish.

Who is The One Hour Mentor?

Anaggh Desai

A corporate suit for over 30 years, been the backbone, brawn and brain behind many successful brands and businesses.

Recently an outsourced CXO, Consultant, Advisor, Mentor to many in their Professional journey and in the Retail, Marketing, E-commerce, Travel and Hospitality space OR as they say B2C, B2B and D2C.

Who is ‘The One Hour Mentor’ for?





Business Owners


Small & SME Businesses

Medium Profitable/Loss Making Businesses

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