Neel, Andheri


A restaurant that has been operational since a while in Mahalakshmi. Always planning, but just the thought of driving or reaching there exhausts me. And it remained on my list. Finally an outpost of the main one, opened a while back, very close to my house, heard good things about it and have been meaning […]

Restaurant Invites – My Rules.


1993 when I moved back to Bombay, there were restaurants, good, very good & fantastic. These ranged from a Shiv Sagar, Elco to the Oberoi, Taj, Leela. 2013-4 fast forward and there were so many restaurants that it would require a couple of lifetimes to visit all of them. Restaurants just keep opening. Everybody wants […]

Lucknow, Food & Folklore


A week ago, late night tweets with Chef Ranveer Kalyan and Adarsh and an impromptu plan suggested by Chef and an invite led the three of us to Novotel for a specially cooked Lucknowi food. With a miss on Wednesday, rains playing usual mischief on Thursday, we finally reached Novotel. Whilst waiting for Adarsh, Kalyan, […]



A Michelin star restaurant that opened with great fanfare a while back and had been always on my list of visit; however given the fact wife and daughter are vegetarians and not too keen on authentic chinese and a couple of stories about service/communication aspects from friends meant that it was parked somewhere, but not […]

Should I compile my selective tweets in a Book?


After quite a back and forth of emails, I finally met Nirav at Bru World Cafe in Bandra yesterday. I reached quite late but he was kind enough not to send me reminders, but patiently wait. Our discussions ranged from blogs to blogging platforms to monetization, to influencers, competitive landscape, brands, growth, thought leadership. Actually, […]

Writing places and why they are important


I have always loved to write, could only remember lessons, if I wrote them down. Constantly make lists, scribble — sometimes relevant stuff (book, blog), sometimes irrelevant (maybe post its and then Twitter?). This can be work, vellapanti, what have you.  Writing has long been my memory tool and I feel at peace just scribbling thoughts, musings, […]

Market Correction


Market Correction. A phrase that is used indiscriminately by all learned people to talk about stocks, shares, property and all… Or, more importantly to assuage guilt feelings of ‘having’ and giving gyaan to the ‘not having’ or ‘have nots’ the more popular phrase. Personally, I believe in the phrase ‘Self Correction’. At a particular age […]