A new place listed on Scootsy that specialised in Egg dishes means it has to be tried out.  A bit of rains and it was more relevant. So we ordered a portion of boiled eggs, Omlette and Street style Bhurji.  Before you ask, I am a sucker for basics. If you can’t get that right then there’s little hope for…

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Theobroma at BKC

Meeting a friend, playing tag with different restaurants, decided to try an old favourite, but have never been to the BKC outpost.  Reached early, saw it was quite full with small tables, good for an afternoon quick lunch. Got a table and waiting for the friend who was delayed and so ordered a plate of French fries and mutton puff. …

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New reviewers on Zomato

I have written about my Zomato Relationship earlier, and whilst Zomato has tried to reach out, many others have been quite aggressive about my demanding or on the other hand telling me that I am being vindictive 🙂 or the popular term whining. So here goes nothing. Episode 1: Today Nandita found a laughable review from ‘Famous Food Blogger’ in Calcutta who felt that…

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Sales Pitch – Mahindra Holidays

It has been a long followed practice of Mahindra Holidays and many others to work on the funnel theory – which basically collect data, on different pretexts and offers; then spam the shite out of prospects, with the hope that 1.7-3% will convert and be signed up.  You would mostly see them at fuel pumps, multiplexes, malls trying to entice…

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Desi Deli at Bandra

A trial of Veg at a client’s place many moons ago and then it fell off the radar.  Another reason being, it is located on the same road, where couple of other places are located, which I frequent more due to the company I keep. Landed up this week with a friend, after being pushed into it. And the first…

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