Treebo Hotels

A delayed catch up meeting with somebody I have interacted on twitter led to discussions about OTA, hotels and ecommerce in general. On learning that I was planning to visit Bangalore, he mentioned that I should try out one of the Treebo Hotels there. Being a sucker to trying out new things in the Travel and Hospitality place, decided to…

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Navratri – food and memories

Navratri or Navratra as we refer has been a long standing tradition for us.  I think I was 16-17 when I decided to fast for a specific reason. The next 10-12 years were spent in Nakorda (without food, just juice, tea and water).  With Travel, work intruding some days one started imbibing fruits or cold coffee with ice cream. And…

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The Beer Cafe – Khar

A chain that for some reason or other eluded a visit since the time they’ve opened in Bombay. And Chaitanya has been promising to take me and Sudarshan there for a long time.  Meeting a colleague, finally managed to check this place out. At 7.15 pm it was quite empty with just a table occupied. Small and cosy with music…

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The Fatty Bao

A miscommunication in reservationthe first time around, however a quick recovery and over the past 8-10 months have been there couple of times. And even visited Bangalore.  Love the bar and if not beer prefer Mikey Ninja, Bora Bora and Mandalay Bay. Out of which Mikey Ninja and Bora Bora are my personal favourites. Though Banglore weather called for Old…

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White Rose Cafe 

A new place opened by some of the theatre/film fraternity, very close to my favourite Bru.  Decided to try out one Sunday evening a month back. Extremely well done, a small garden to sit outside where smokers were having their own session.  Quite pretty inside with a couple of nooks that were very inviting but occupied.  Ordered mocktails, shake and…

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